Moana Island Life is released

maxresdefaultThe new Game from Disney featuring my score is out now on the app store and play. Here’s the Trailer which i composed the music for

Zootopia Crime Files featuring my score is now free on the App Store



Click on this image for a link to the app store

Star Wars Commander Rogue One trailer

Here’s the new trailer for Star Wars Commander which i scored using John William’s Force Theme



Tsum Tsum Kingdom Episode 3 is released

Tsum Tsum Kingdom Episode 3 is released

The new episode from Disney’s Tsum Tsum kingdom has been released with my music. This is some the most fierce battle ever held over a cupcake:

Tsum Tsum Episode 3





I’m currently working on a new series of live action shorts for Disney titled Tsum Tsum kingdom. The show follows the cute Tsum Tsums as they engage with the dangers of the real world. Having a lot of fun with this one. Here’s episode 2:


I composed this fun track for Disney’s release trailer for Emoji Blitz. Check it out:




Tron Run/r release

I’m excited to announce the release of  Tron Run/R, A new console game from Disney/Sanzaru. The original score was composed by EDM pioneer Giorgio Moroder and  i remixed 13 tracks for this game fusing elements of Drum and bass, Punk rock, Techno, Psy Trance and Dubstep. You can get it on PS4, Xbox 1 and PC. I’m already addicted to it


Landfill Harmonic is showing at AFI fest

LANDFILL HARMONIC is an inspiring documentary about a poor community whose inhabitants have figured out how to turn trash into treasure, by using waste to create unique instruments for a world–touring orchestra of young musicians. The film goes beyond the landfill and follows the young musicians as they gain national attention and have the opportunity to travel the world and give back. I had the pleasure of contributing a number of tracks to the beautiful score by Michael Levine